Grid Coordinates


MGRS Maps  v.

MGRS Maps utilizes the military MGRS coodinate system to show you your location and grid coordinate. You can also add saved locations that will appear on the map which can be sent to others via email or text message.

Battleship Fleet Command  v.

For those who love this board game, the computer version of 'Battleship' is here. This is the electronic incarnation of the classic board game with some interesting variations.


Geoida  v.1.0

Geoida is a software product that will benefit members of the surveying and related professions for the day-to-day routine processing, coordination and adjustment of spatial survey data, from routine pick-up surveys to complex networks of geodetic sc

SQL Web Grid Editor

SQL Web Grid Editor is a cross-browser grid component designed to display, edit and sort tabular data from database. Made in JavaScript, the grid content can be imported from Xml data source. Methods for converting SQL-database to Xml are giving for PHP

.Net Grid  v.2.10.3

.Net Grid. Hierarchical data binding, drag&drop, grouping, serialization, cell editors, custom drawing, cell tooltips, threadsafety. Realtime filtering, regrouping, multiple sorting, cell highlighting. Performance: 50000 upd/sec, 16MB/100000 rows

GRID Save Game  v.1.0

All licenses open, all cars (plus bonus cars), player rank 1st, $72 million cash, all cheat codes unlocked. Extract to your My DocumentsCodemastersGRID folder. Make a backup of your existing savegame folder before overwriting.

AXMEDIS GRID Content Processing Tools  v.3.0

AXMEDIS Content Production Tools: AXMEDIS editor and GRID AXCP tools, PnP, DRM editor, etc.

Grid Matrix  v.1 1

Grid Matrix is a Graphical Grid simulator for Windows that is implemented over SimGrid. Grid Matrix uses SimGrid toolkit to run the simulation. The network can be defined using a graphic interface and run within the application.

Sigma grid-Ajax editable data grid  v.2.0.1

Written in pure javascript, Sigma Grid is an Ajax data grid for displaying and inline editing data in a scrollable and sortable table. IE 6.0+ FireFox 2.0+ Safari 3.0+ Opera9.0+ supported. Pure javascript codes, Seamless Integration with any

Equatorial Coordinates Model  v.1.0

Analyze star position with this application. Equatorial Coordinates model displays the position of a star in equatorial (Right Ascension/Declination --- RA/Dec) coordinates. The horizon is shown along with the four cardinal directions (N, E, S,

GPS Coordinates  v.1.0

Get or share GPS coordinates, address, and Latitude and Longitude. Latitude and longitude Finder Convert any address or place to lat long. Address Finder Find any address from its GPS coordinates.

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